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10 Stunning Paint Colors That Complement Red Brick

Red brick homes are full of character and charm. Whether you have a house with brick accents or a full brick layout, choosing what colors go with brick red requires great attention to detail.

You may be wondering what color palettes to use alongside either interior or exterior brick. The colors you choose for your outdoor siding may vary from the ones you pick for your indoor walls. The same goes for entry doors, trims, shutters, molding, and other architectural features.

But put your mind at ease because you’ve come to the right place. Learn about the 10 best paint colors that complement red brick:

  • Exterior paint colors that complement red brick
  • Creamy, off-white
  • Grayish-green
  • Warm gray
  • Bold navy blue
  • Timeless black
  • Interior paint colors that complement red brick
  • Gray
  • Dark charcoal
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Bronze

Five Exterior Paint Colors That Complement Red Brick

What paint goes well with your red brick will depend on the style of your home, its features, and its overall aesthetic. Read on to learn about some exterior paint colors that complement red brick.

1. Creamy Off-White

A creamy off-white can add elegance to your red brick exterior. You can use this color on your porch columns, trims, entryway doors, shutters, and any other architectural features to provide a soothing contrast.

2. Grayish-Green

This earthy tone helps complement the nature of the red brick, especially if you have a coastal or transitional design style. Grayish-green shutters and entryway doors can add a splash of color to your brick house.

3. Warm Gray

A warm gray can coordinate beautifully with your red brick residence and accent its features. It’s a great siding paint color because it’s neutral and doesn’t take away from the sophistication of the bricks. This color can also make your brick exterior pop, especially if used on painted shutters, trim, and doors.

4. Bold Navy Blue

Bold navy blue is intriguing as much as it’s eye-popping. Especially when combined with brighter red bricks, navy blue is a classic complementary color that adds a layer of sophistication to your exterior. Consider painting your entry door, and shutters, or even siding a navy blue if you want your home to stand out among the rest.

5. Timeless Black

You can never go wrong accenting with black paint as its classic look will remain trendy for years to come. Whether you have a mid-century modern or Victorian-style brick home, this red brick and paint color combination will never go out of style. Timeless black can give your entryway door, trims, and shutters a much-needed update.

A brick home’s new exterior paint job can make a significant difference in your curb appeal. The above colors are a good starting point, but not the only options. Our professionals will help you pick out a color, or colors, to go well with your red brick residence. Learn more about our exterior residential painting services.

Five Interior Paint Colors That Complement Red Brick

If you’re fortunate enough to have a brick fireplace or a brick accent wall inside your home, the idea of selecting a paint color that complements it is daunting. The last thing you want is for your walls to clash with the brickwork. If you want to retain the natural warmth of those red bricks, read on to learn which colors often work well with a red brick interior.

1. Gray

Gray is versatile and goes well next to a red brick accent wall or above a fireplace. This tone can range from cool to warm and comes in many shades such as earthy taupe, bluish-gray, and other gray hues. Using a gray wall color can put more focus on the texture and warmth of your interior red brick.

2. Dark Charcoal

Dark charcoal can be an excellent focal wall color that highlights the intricacies of red brick. It can also make your fireplace stand out and bring out the natural, warm tones of red brick.

3. Orange

Orange may sound like a strange color to bring out red brick accent walls, but don’t rule it out just yet. Both orange and red are warm colors – view our color coordination guide for more information. Adding a splash of orange in your kitchen or living space can add a striking, bold contrast that reflects energy and passion.

4. Warm Blue

As a natural complement to a warm red, a warm blue hue can invoke a calm, peaceful aura in your spaces, from bedrooms and bathrooms to kitchens and living rooms. A blue accent wall can also make it feel as though you’re in a dreamy, seaside oasis.

5. Bronze

A rich bronze color is visually striking and can make for an excellent living room accent wall. Make sure to not overdo it by painting all the walls bronze, as this can create a dull atmosphere. One or two walls is enough to complement the bricks in your room.

These are just some of the color possibilities, but your interior is unique and other colors might work well, too. Our painting experts are color professionals, so you don’t have to spend hours sorting through paint chips to select an appropriate color to complement your home. Learn more about our residential interior painting services.

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