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7 Reasons Why You’ll Never Regret Hiring a Professional Painter

There’s no doubt about it: DIY (do-it-yourself) projects can be fun.

Few things are more rewarding than tackling something, stepping back, and saying, “Yeah, I did that.”

Not only do you get bragging rights, but you can save a few bucks too in a lot of cases, and who doesn’t love that? Add into the mix the fact that DIY home improvement shows are constantly inspiring, educating (well, sort of), and ramping up the energy level, and you have all the ingredients for a DIY renaissance.

The key, however, is to carefully review all of the pros and cons to tackling something yourself. What the DIY shows don’t show is the professionals that are contracted, the problems and hazards that are avoided (off-screen), and the skill that is often necessary to do a job in a way that lasts and actually adds long-term value.

For example, let’s take a closer look at whether or not hiring a professional painter is really worth it.

Wait a Second… Painting Is Easy, Right?

picking exterior paint colors

It’s true that pretty much anybody can paint a wall.

But not everybody can paint a wall well, and in a way that actually looks amazing, will last, and can stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life.

Quality painting calls for an in-depth knowledge of products, surfaces, pairing those products and surfaces successfully, repairs, cleaning, and having all the tools at your disposal. It also takes time, and that’s a precious commodity in this day and age.

Think of it this way: technically anybody can cut hair, but do you trust your brother when you need to get freshened up before a big meeting, or your local barber/stylist?

The difference speaks for itself, unless your brother has some serious skills.

7 Awesome Reasons To Hire a Professional Painting Contractor

finding a painting company

Let’s dig into some more painting truth.

  • Safety First! – Especially if you’re painting outside, this is a major consideration. Knowing how to safely use a ladder, being well-versed in safety procedures, and having the proper equipment is essential. You don’t want to find yourself lying in the bushes reevaluating all of your life choices…
  • Do You Really Have the Time? – Unless you have a tiny house, you really shouldn’t be able to paint your home in a couple of weekends with a buddy. If you do, the chances are good that the job is being rushed and you’ll be back on the ladder in a year or two.
  • Insurance – A reputable painter is fully insured. This offers you a lot of peace of mind, just in case some sort of accident should occur.
  • Warranty – The chances are good that you won’t offer yourself a warranty on labor or products…
  • Longevity – 80% of a quality paint job is completed before you even open a paint can. For a surface to truly be successfully painted and protected, you need to invest time in skillful repairs, cleaning, sanding, prepping, and priming. This is the difference between a project that lasts two years and one that lasts ten years.
  • A Clean Work Environment – A pro painter can contain and protect the space, leaving no sign that they were there other than a color transformation. Would you rather be raking up paint chips for the next three months?

So, Will DIY Painting Really Save You Money?

Not if you need to repaint three times as often, and not if essential repairs are skipped or points of damage are overlooked. The value is really clear when you think it through in those terms.

Are we raining on the DIY parade? Not at all! We just want to help you think it through from every angle and make the very best decision for your home, your calendar, and your budget. If you have any more questions about your painting project, just give us a call!

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