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How Weather Influences Paint Job in Orlando?

The weather in Orlando is beautiful. The Orlando city has plenty of sunshine with warm humid summers and cool winters. It’s the perfect place to paint your house, but you might be surprised at what the temperature really affects when it comes to painting service. Do you think you know everything about painting Orlando Fl? Think again! we will talk about how weather influence paint job in orlando. 

Temperature – Orlando, FL

This includes painting the exterior of a home. If you paint a house in Orlando in the summer when the humidity is really high your paint will dry too quickly and it won’t stick to the wall! You can plan ahead for this by painting at night or early in the morning, but try not to do it during mid-day when it’s really hot in Orlando Fl.


In summer, you can have a fresh coat of paint on your walls in as little as one day. In you are doing a house painting winter park, it could take as long as two weeks for the same excellent job to dry completely.

First, let’s explain some terms. “Drying time” is the length of time a coat of paint takes to reach a tack-free state where it can no longer stick to your fingers. This varies depending on how many coats you’ve applied and relative humidity levels in the air, among other factors.

“Cure time,” on the other hand, is the number of days it takes for a coat of paint to become completely dry. So when you hear painting contractors in Orlando Fl complain about how much longer it’s taking to do their jobs these days because of the weather, they are probably referring to cure time.



Paint dries faster and cures in less time when temperatures are high (80 degrees Fahrenheit, 27 degrees Celsius) and there is low relative humidity. So if you want to cut down on your painting days, schedule your job for July instead of June or February in Orlando Fl.


In the dead of winter park, when temperatures are consistently below freezing, paint slows down its drying process and cures in longer periods of time. This is why it is harder to do a house paint job in December than it is around April if you want an excellent job. 


On a clear day with high solar radiation levels (bright sun), your paint job will dry faster and cure in less time. Inversely, rainy or cloudy weather can greatly increase the amount of time that a coat of paint takes to dry. Relative humidity levels play a major role here too: during humid conditions, water from the air is absorbed into the wet paint, which further inhibits drying.

Let us look at various ways that weather affects painting in Orlando FL.


Absolutely. Hot weather causes paint to dry too quickly, while cold weather causes it to dry too slowly. This is because the materials in your paint start evaporating when temperatures get warm (or hot) and they begin condensing when it’s cool.

Paint is a protective coating on the surface of a house. It safeguards against sun damage, water penetration, and other atmospheric dangers that can cause harm to your home over time. Deciding when to paint your house depends on many factors, including how long it has been since you last painted it, whether any changes in climate are likely in the near future, and what materials your house is made out of.

Some climates can be better than others when it comes to the type of protection that weather provides for paint. It’s important to understand the many variables that play a part in how weather affects home exterior paint:


This phenomenon occurs in areas like coastal zones near large bodies of saltwater. Salt can degrade paint by attacking chalky substances in exterior surfaces, causing them to crumble and peel away. This process is a result of a chemical reaction between saltwater or humid air and the calcium carbonate or lime stucco that makes up your house’s paint.


If you live in an area where cold weather is common during the winter park months like Orlando Fl, then you may need to paint your house more frequently than average, especially if you haven’t updated its exterior in the past five years or so.

Cold weather places extreme stress on home exteriors, especially during times of quick temperature drops. These kinds of fluctuations can cause paint to crack and peel away from surfaces.

Cold temperatures are dangerous for exterior paints because they can freeze and create too much expansive stress on the paint molecules themselves. Cold weather temperatures also cause paint to become overly dry, which means that it won’t adhere very well onto a surface.


The best rule of thumb in regards to painting in cold climates in Orlando Fl is to do it when you can before the exterior surface begins to wear away from the elements.

When you’re painting at night make sure you use a large drop cloth or even better – a paint shield. A drop cloth will prevent splatters from getting any paint on the ground.

If you have a large patio or deck you might want to consider painting it at night so that your flooring doesn’t get dirty after you’re done with your project.

The worst would be to wait until it’s really cold outside and then try to paint your house Orlando Fl. If you paint when it’s really cold the moisture in the air will make it take forever for your paint to dry and even worse – some of your paint may develop frost! This is why we recommend painting at night or early morning.


his is a question that comes up often in my daily conversation with people. Many are aware of the benefit of painting Orlando Fl, but some believe it’s only necessary when the house needs paint anyway.

Even if you prefer to buy new homes, instead of rehabbing old ones and adding value, this question still applies: what is the best time to paint a new house?

Why you should use a professional painting company.

It’s important to realize that the question of when to paint must come from the perspective that, in fact, painting can add value to a home. I know this is not everyone’s opinion. If you don’t believe the exterior appearance of a home adds any value at all or contributes in any way to its usability, functionality, utility, or livability – perhaps you should not be reading this article.


The best time to paint a home in Orlando Fl is when the need for a paint job is highest, and that will be in weather conditions where moisture intrusion from wind or rain, or from high humidity levels, are at their highest.

Of course, you could wait until you have your insurance check to pay for it, but why not get the benefit of a higher value return from your investment?

Ideally, you want to paint in temperatures between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity should also be under 60%. This ensures that your paint will dry at the right rate.

If you’re painting when it’s too hot outside, use a good drop cloth to protect your floors or driveway when possible.

You may also try using fewer coats of paint to help keep your project going a little bit faster. If you’re painting when it’s too cold outside, consider waiting until warmer weather to start this type of exterior painting work.

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