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The Top 2023 Exterior Paint Color Trends to Try on Your Home

From earthy neutrals to dramatic black facades, these are the exterior paint color trends that will make your house the envy of the neighborhood.

Paint color trends come and go but, when it comes to exterior paint colors for 2023, many of the palettes popular last year continue to ring true. Maybe you’re letting out a sigh of relief as you went all-in on a black exterior, or maybe you’ve been biding your time to ensure those earthy neutrals aren’t a one-and-done color choice that you’ll regret come springtime.

While some of us will certainly be glad to see familiar paint colors, there are some new hues hitting the scene too. Patrick O’Donnell, international brand ambassador for Farrow & Ball, is quick to point out there are plenty of new color families to welcome, “from the softest, almost cool fresh greens to the charming delicacy of the subtlest pinks.” These are the top exterior paint colors for 2023 that are made to love both now and for years to come.

Top Exterior Paint Color Trends in 2023

1. Earthy Neutrals

Suggested Exterior Paint Color: Natural Bark N170-6, Behr

“A neutral siding color can serve as a backdrop for other design elements, like landscaping or architectural details,” says Atousa Ghoreichi, SVP, North America marketing, PR, and communications for James Hardie. “Consider the style of your home and narrow down your options to colors that would complement the architecture.”

From there, Ghoreichi recommends looking at the surroundings. Organic shades that mimic the color of clay, earth, or stone allow exteriors to blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment rather than stand out. For homes nestled amid lush green landscaping, try a rich chocolaty brown such as Behr’s Natural Bark, while warm sepia tones like Über Umber by Sherwin-Williams look great on homes in more arid climates.

White wooden house garage yellow door

2. Warm Whites and Creams

Suggested Exterior Paint Colors: Shaded White No. 201, Farrow & Ball or White Dove OC-17, Benjamin Moore

Shades of white and cream continue to remain popular exterior paint colors as we move through 2023 and, according to Sue Wadden, Sherwin-Williams director of color marketing, they show no sign of slowing down. But instead of taking a bright white stance, go with a more subdued option that has a restful energy. “Pure whites are quietly shifting to more nuanced whites that sit more softly on a weatherboarded exterior,” says O’Donnell. “A great example is Shaded White with its gentle green tone. It feels less sharp and looks sophisticated when teamed with a dramatic dark, such as Studio Green.” Benjamin Moore’s White Dove also offers a lighter, creamier version of the shade.

blue Colonial home exterior

3. Dark Blues

Suggested Exterior Paint Color: Newburyport Blue HC-155, Benjamin Moore

According to a 2023 James Hardie survey, dark blue is the most popular choice for homeowners who are looking to douse their exterior in a bold color. Benjamin Moore’s Newburyport Blue is a traditional shade that delivers a modern nod. It’s ideal for both classic and contemporary facades and pairs well with several contrasting accents, such as rich yellow or natural wood textures. O’Donnell recommends Farrow & Ball’s Inchyra Blue, described as a “dark blue-gray,” as another sea-inspired option. For those looking for a serene blue with gray undertones, Wadden suggests Naval.

pale green home exterior

4. Pale Greens

Suggested Exterior Paint Color: Mizzle No. 266, Farrow & Ball

“Pale greens are a great alternative to classic white as they’ll neutralize when drenched in sunlight, but become more nuanced and subtle in the shade,” says O’Donnell. “As with all greens, they are ultimately flattering to landscaping around the home.” If you’re looking for a clean take on the pale green exterior paint color trend, O’Donnell suggests Mizzle or Cromarty, but if you’re looking for a slightly fresher hue opt for Eddy.

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brick building with green and blue paint

5. Vibrant Greens

Suggested Exterior Paint Color: Green Smoke No. 47, Farrow & Ball

If pale greens are too subdued for your style, but you still want to draw on the shades of the surrounding landscape, rich green hues with their rejuvenating qualities and nature-focused lens will continue to resonate in 2023, according to O’Donnell. “We are noticing a shift in how color can impact elements such as structural planting in the garden,” he says. “Darker exterior shades are very flattering to greenery. Think of fencing or brickwork painted in Green Smoke to accentuate flowering plants.”

Other green paint colors to consider are Pewter Green by Sherwin Williams, Backwoods by Benjamin Moore, and Farrow & Ball’s Studio Green.

dark gray home exterior pumpkin fall decor

6. All-Black Exteriors

Suggested Exterior Paint Color: Tricorn Black SW 6258, Sherwin-Williams

Wadden says these deeply saturated exteriors show no sign of slowing down. “Black exteriors are so different from what has been done in the past,” she says. According to Wadden, even those with more traditional-style homes are getting in on the deep, dark action. “Dark, saturated hues have the power to make any house stand out and look more modern.”

In addition to Tricorn Black, consider Sherwin-Williams’ Iron Ore or the slightly warmer Urbane Bronze. “These colors pair beautifully with a home’s surrounding greenery,” Wadden says. If painting your entire exterior is too much, Wadden suggests dipping your toe in with the home’s shutters or front door. “They make for a very classic focal point,” she says.

pink home exterior patio

7. Soft Pinks

Suggested Exterior Paint Color: Calamine No. 230, Farrow & Ball

“Whilst our broader perception of pink may feel like a step too far for the exterior of your home, we are not in the Barbie zone here,” says O’Donnell. “Rather, something much more subtle and elegant.”

He suggests Pink Ground or the cooler Calamine paired with complementary whites for weatherboarded homes. “Often seen on rural properties throughout the UK and even some London townhouses, it’s time to embrace pink,” he says.  “And as with greens, your landscaping will positively sing against them; a deep pink or white rambling rose will look resplendent.”

If you are considering a painting project, consider hiring our professional painting service to ensure that your home looks its best.

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