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What to Ask an Exterior Painter?

What You Should Ask When Hiring a Painting Contractor  

If you’re looking for an exterior painter for a house job, be sure you understand what distinguishes a qualified company. Because there are so many fraudulent services out there these days, it’s risky to put your trust in anyone offering painting services near you. Do some research to be safe.

To help, here are the top three necessary questions that you should ask during your search:

How long have you been painting?

It is always preferable to hire a painting firm with at least five years of experience. It will prove that they are not a shady contractor who would abandon the job. A reputable company will have years of experience in the field. As a result, take precautions when making a decision. Don’t wind up with the person who will sabotage your project.

Are you insured?

Any reputable exterior painter must back up their work with a warranty. They should also provide liability and workers’ compensation coverage. Although they have enough knowledge and experience about the job, it’s still essential to be ready. As such, you don’t have to worry about damages or injuries because they’ve got your back. A well-insured business can provide you with peace of mind.

Can you provide a copy of your previous work?

It is easier to judge the quality of a painting contractor’s work by looking at images. Don’t be fooled by low-resolution pictures. To ensure that the exterior painter isn’t utilizing stock photography, look for high-quality photos of the painter’s previous work that feature the staff working in the shots. Look for clean-cut lines in corners where multiple colors intersect, as well as even wall finishes. As such, it will be easy for you to identify if they can provide excellent results or not.

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